Monday, July 13, 2015

Oh boy, I cant believe they are home!

Mom I am doing really good! I am so sorry that this is short. This is Elder Vans last week on mission, and his last p-day, so the market kept us long and we are just now coming. 

Oh boy, I cant believe they are home!

Cody's good friends Max Moncur and Zak Morgan gave their return mission talks together 

 Thank you for all your support. This week we have a zone conference, so we have to set all of that up, and last week we had MLC, so we went to Accra for training. This week I had a man ask me about the restriction of black people from the priesthood. That was the first time I have had the question. I am glad that just a day earlier it was discussed about in MLC and I had an answer for him. I don't like that part of history, but I am glad for how things are today.

Mom love you and the family. Next week ya!

Letter from Cody's Mission President to our stake president regarding his return - this is about to get real! :-)

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