Monday, August 3, 2015

I can't believe 1 year has passed since I left Sierra Leone

That sounds sweet with that you invited that guy to church and that the elders are going to go teach him! Who is at the river with you people? I saw some of the photos too.

Our week was sweet. This week we had our recent convert confirmed, which doubled as a completed family. Member referrals work! We are still trying to work with members in our area to make things run smooth in the ward. Home teaching is great, we don't even have to put in much effort to arrange home teaching. On Sundays our Elders quorum president organizes everything and tells us who we will go with and what times! Isn't that sweet. Our mission president wants us to help get home teaching going in our units. We have seen some cool stuff. We go on splits with the home teaching companionship's. 

We went on exchanges this week, it was nice to go to another and teach with Elder Bautner!

 I can't believe 1 year has passed since I left Sierra Leone. I would love sooo much to go  back to sierra Leone!

Here is a picture memory from last year leaving Sierra Leone:

Packing up to leave Salone.

That big pile of clothes is everything that would make the weight go over the limit in the lugguage. We had weight limits with the evacuation so we had to leave it behind. I have lots of stuffs there!

All of those books are our area books with all of the information of our investigators on it that we left behind for when the mission opens back up.

My evacuation group before heading to the airport (Cody is the short blonde guy under the umbrella whose head is half blocked and he's sandwiched between two others..hehe!)

President and Sister Ostler waving goodbye!

Everything is sweet.

I feel strong and I feel like I should have 6 months left!
Elder Beckett

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