Monday, August 10, 2015

"Elder Beckett, you are going home o!"

Any missionary I talk to, these are the words I hear, "Elder Beckett, you are going home o!" haha everyone has said it, but I don't feel it, I hope I don't feel it, till next week. I feel like I have had my mind in the work, that means my mind is not at home, or the airport hahah. Now that you have said it (I asked him how he feels about coming home), I have really enjoyed Ghana, I have really enjoyed mission and I will enjoy it this week too.

Laundry day!

Making dinner!

Cutting Elder Van's hair!

This week we have a lot of activities and meetings. Today we had a combined activity with another zone, we played football, vollyball and basketball. We had a water balloon fight, and the sisters in the zones made sweet rice for us. To put that thing together killed me hahah I am tired now. Tomorrow we meet with the stake president to talk about missionary work, Thursday we will go to Accra for MLC, and Saturday we have our "All Africa" service project that happens once a year, in fact I never did one in Sierra Leone, I just missed it. So this will be my second in Ghana, we will go clean a hospital. The project last year I had just come from Salone, and we also cleaned a hospital, and I was afraid of it, because I thought ebola had come by then to Ghana.
I have done alot on my mission, and I wish I could do more.

Mama ar de go work, mondai wi go tok ya

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