Monday, May 11, 2015

Sometimes it doesnt always go the way we plan!

Mother's Day gift from Ghana! Our last mission call home but our first time to Skype in with him the whole mission!

Wearing out his "sole" in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Elder Van and I

I was able to talk to Brad which was sweet, and we also made hamburgers last night, so we really enjoyed. Happy Mothers Day again!

This week I moved back to our area (Tema), and I am back with Elder Van Wagoner. We were separated for about two weeks to help out with the french missionary who has been waiting for a visa. Also with Sister Stevens, could you understand her when she called?

So I am getting cloth to make our family some cool shirts for the guys and skirts for the women. So I don't know what size to make Jeff and dad and brad and you and jana for the skirts. Do you like these fabrics ? I will need your measurements.

Elder Kadima ...A french man in our apartment!

Elder Sibeko and I
I got to see one of my former companions at the conference. Conferences are more exciting these days because I know more missionaries.

My mission is nice. Sometimes it doesn't always go the way we plan, but I have a great time telling people about the gospel of christ. My health has been good, I have an ingrown toe nail, that was almost healed, but I kicked a wall and now it hurts again. 

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