Monday, May 18, 2015

It reminded me of the joys of home!

Thats sweet, I never got to do trek, where did they do it? Good ol overals. Wow the pool looks sweet, do we have a diving board again? 

Seeing Brother Rex was sweet! It has been a long time, and reminded me of the joys of home. It was really nice of him to find me. Where I am was not very close to him and he sacrificed some of his time to visit and deliver the package you sent. I sent back with him something for you. 

Our home teacher and friend Dan Rex was on business in Ghana and was so kind to take time from his busy schedule to visit Cody and deliver a package from home. "Seeing Bother Rex reminded me of the joys of home."

This is what Cody sent back with Dan to give us. A missionary from Fiji carved this into a Book of Mormon. 

The package you sent was sweet! I am glad for conference and I got to watch conference this week. It was so sweet. I got to pass the sacrament on Sunday, and it has been a really long time, it was really good for me. Remembering Christ as I pass the sacrament and helping others to partake and renew a covenant was humbling. The pictures in that package were awesome, thank you mom, Jana and Zac and family. And thank you Brother Rex for doing some home teaching in Africa!

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