Monday, May 5, 2014

"Thou Shalt Not Steal"

Hey Mom,

I didn't realize how quickly I would be talking to you. To tell you the truth I forgot I would be. Not that I don't love you or remember you, but I guess my biggest focus is on the work here.. But yeah I will give you my number and I will text you or dad so that you can have my number and I will be able to tell you what time I will call. It should be around the same time. 
(WHAT? He forgot about the upcoming Mother's Day call this week!!)

Today we had a crazy experience during our personal studies. We heard a lot of people yelling so we opened our compound door and saw a mob of people chasing a man, and people were throwing stones at him, and every one was yelling thief (teef). When you see someone  steeling, you just yell thief and everyone will come out of their houses and help catch him and then they beat the person pretty good. People here really don't like thieves, because it is so hard to work for things here that when someone takes your stuff its a great loss. Moral of the story "thou shalt not steel" (sad thing is parents beat their kids here too because they don't know any other way to punish them but people do it too much). 
I am doing okay... training is going good. It's really nice to see someone come to the mission and get the missionary state of mind and to see Elder Latu stoked about investigators. We are going to the beach again today. I am kind of getting tired of the beach, especially because we can't go in the water, it kills me. This Saturday is transfer news and I hope that I am staying in this area. I have spent half of my mission so far in Wellington and I'm really enjoying it. I will be disappointed to leave such a prospering area, and Elder Latu.

I have more mouse stories for this week. We found and killed another mouse. We thought we must have killed all of them. Tuesday after personal study I went to get water in the kitchen before companion study. While I was pumping my water through the filter I heard something behind the stove chewing on something. So I call Elder Latu and Elder Mongalo to help me get him out. I decide to take the door so when he tries to run out I will step on him. So Elder Latu puts the broom behind the stove and it runs out, but this time it isn't a 3 inch mouse, its a an 8 inch rat! Tat thing was as big as my foot, so I wasn't going to step on it. I jumped and screamed like a girl. The thing ran into Elder Mongalo's room and we haven't found it yet. Wow I was scared haha... but next time I will just punt it. Mission is great!

Oh and tell grandma happy birthday for me. I can't wait to talk to you this Sunday, have questions ready for me!

I will see you soon
elder beckett

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