Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ends up they like to feed us, so it makes it much easier for us!

What? ..... you guys are going to Italy? Will I be able to email you? What are you guys going to do there? 

Wow, thats crazy to hear that Connor is going to leave soon, I am really excited for him! Those pictures are really funny, I think that I will print them out and put them on my wall. All the elders here thought that they were really funny.

This week I got a letter from Jaci Joyce which was a surprise, it was nice to get a letter! I also got a letter back, it made it all the way to Santa Ana and got sent back... so I guess you don't get that one. I'm a little behind on sending letters, but I sent the Golds one this week.

Well being a district leader is okay I guess. I basically just make sure everyone is still alive and doing well and try to help anybody with any problems they have and instruct them once a week at district meeting. Oh and I do interviews for all the converts in our district. Its fun  and it keeps me going. This week it took a lot of time out of our proselytizing. Wednesday we had to wait for an elder who was just arriving in Sierra Leone to come to our apartment, and they were running late. And then all of Friday we were not able to proselyting because I had district leader training and because of the distance of travel and transportation difficulties. Its been really nice to see how everyone in the district is so unified and everyone is really getting along. 

We have plenty of fun in the apartment. We had neighbors move into our compound, and I thought it was going to be terrible. Ends up they like to feed us, so it makes it much easier for us, because we are so busy with trying to manage our lives as well and be a missionary. 

This week I don't have too many stories, but it has been pretty funny to see how missionaries adjust to Sierra Leone. A new missionary in our district has made me see how much we adjust to be comfortable in this place.

I got sick on Sunday, I had to rest for about 2 hours but I'm okay now. We have a mission nurse, so its really nice to be able to talk to a professional.

I have been studying about doing missionary work the lords way this week and I have found some pretty interesting stuff. Before I left I was told by Elder Reddin "to do things as Preach My Gospel says to do them, some elders think they know a better way, but in the end its not as effective." So even as President Ostler has stressed the same thing of doing things the lords way I have studied about it. I realized that it takes faith in Christ to do things the way He has said to do them in missionary work. Also, to humble yourself before Christ to take His will and not your own. So I'm trying to grow my faith in Christ by doing things the Lords way.

Elder Beckett
PS- whats home like?

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