Monday, May 12, 2014

Post Mother's Day

We were able to speak with Cody for about an hour and a half yesterday. What a great Mother's Day gift!! He sounded great and he can speak Krio really great and has a crazy accent. He's so happy and immersed in the work. He has also been made a district leader and that will keep him a little bit busy. His letter today is really short I'm guessing because we talked so long yesterday and out of things to talk about? I could have talk for hours :-)  The bummer was that we got cut off in the end and didn't get to say goodbye but we are grateful for what we did get!

Last night was so sweet. I was really excited. I wish I could have said hello to Jeff and Brad but it was nice. I wanted to have scripture study with you guys and show you some of my favorite scriptures but it cut out. Either way I am really grateful. Well, I am short on time today and I have got to go. Have a nice week!

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