Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The gospel is so sweet, only if people would try it out, they would know how great their lives could be!

Wow all the pictures are really great. I love seeing what is going on at home and I'm glad that you are getting some pictures of me.

 (Pictures below are from a lady in Cody's Branch who sent them to us through Facebook - we get very few pictures of him so we are so grateful for these pictures)

Elder Latu trying to sleep but someone is bugging him!

Cody and his companion Elder Latu
So, Independence Day was on Monday so there was going to be some crazy stuff going on in the streets, so we just used Monday as a regular proselytizing day rather than a P-day.

So we are making great progress in Wellington. This week has been productive and we have seen many touched by the Holy Ghost and are really excited to find more direction in their lives.

Before I get into that ... here are a few things that have been going on with me and Elder Latu. So we have had a mouse in our apartment and I have just been waiting to get a hold of the thing. The mouse traps don't work so you just have to smash them. So Elder Latu and I were studying and we heard the mouse chewing on my suitcase, so we tear our room apart and gaurd the door. Finally the mouse makes a dash for the door and we smashed it with a heavy towel. So, if someone can tell Connor that Squeekers is in Africa and I finally killed him that would be great!

Elder Latu and I joined the Branch choir to help them sing at the branch conference. So we performed this past Sunday and we sounded pretty good (for Salone standards) keep in mind that Elder Latu and I were the best at singing...

I recieved two letters this week. One from Hannah Smith and one from Rebecca Laughlin. I will write back to you guys just give the mail system one month. I was quite excited when I recieved mail!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday Jeff! I hope you eat a lot of food! I wrote you a letter, but it should be coming late.

President Ostler has instructed us on how we can help Sierra Leone get a good foundation in the gospel, and he has helped us understand how finding the elect will help Sierra Leone grow. So we have been finding older men who are educated, and these people take much longer to accept the gospel, but once they do they are powerful members. So about 1 month ago Elder Latu and I came across a very educated man named Brother Sankoh. When we asked him if we could visit him he said yes, like most would, but he didnt sound all that interested. When we met with him, we introduced the Book of Mormon and really talked a lot about Christ. He was very surprised to find that we worshipped Christ, but still didn't seem all that interested. We have visited with him about 4 times (once a week) and the last time that we went to him he had read the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and the Book of Mormon and the best part is that he asked us if he could be baptized.  He went from doubtful of Joseph Smith and  the Book of Mormon to having a desire to follow Christ by reading, pondering and praying about the Book of Mormon.  There are miracles happening all over the place and so many prayers are being answered. This area has so many people who will be the foundation of the church here in Sierra Leone.

Today something really great happened. As Elder Latu and I were walking down the street to get a taxi we walked past a car garage (machanic shop) where a few people were arguing about something in the bible. As we walked by they asked us to come over tro clarify something for them, seeing it as a great opportunity to find and teach we stopped. They had a question about drinking alcohol and whether the bible says it is good or bad. So I pull out a word of wisdom pamphlet and bore testimony of the restoration and how we have a prophet who can guide us and help us know what is right and wrong. Halfway through testifying of Joseph Smith I realized that I was preaching to about 15 grown men who were all gathered around. All of them were quietly and humbly listening to a 19 year old testify of Christ and his restoration. I realized how lost people are, I am so glad that I have the gospel and that I am led by a prophet who recieves revelation from the most high. The gospel is so sweet, only if people would try it out, they would know how great their lives could be.

Welp see ya soon,
Elder Beckett

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