Monday, April 21, 2014

I was really surprised to see how calm the Easter morning was!

Hello and Happy Easter Monday!

The pictures are great, looks like you guys had a good time. I am trying to remember why there is a bunny involved with Easter and colored eggs ...hahaha. The house looks good and big, its good to see Zac wearing my clothes too.

Easter fun at home 2014

There are not much of traditions here besides going to church and making a lot of noise. The funny part of the holidays here is that they give us electricity on holidays, so we enjoyed the evening.. I was really suprised to see how calm the Easter morning was. There was no loud music playing, there were no children screaming from being beat, I think that everyone was affected by the Easter season here.

I have been doing quite a bit of research on the Atonement of Christ, and I have been trying to understand why and how it affects and how we can apply it to our lives. Through diligent study I have been able to find the relationship between the preisthood and the Atonement and I really see the amazing affect it has on our lives if we choose to let it. That is the great part of the plan, is that you get what you look for.

Our area is doing well. The people we are teaching will take a while to convert, but they will most definitely help this place grow. We have been able to serve our branch president and I think this branch will really be able to grow and become a ward.

I got a letter from dad this week and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy letters, and I like sending them too.

We are teaching a part member family and helping them into the gospel. One of the daughters took a picture of me and Elder Latu  to send to you through my facebook account. So if you accept "Adama S Kamara" you can get that picture

It rained for the first time this week. The air here has lots of dust in it, so when the rain came it collected all the dust and turned it to mud rain, so our shirts got really dirty but it was a nice cool down.

Something that strikes me deep in the heart every so often is that I have been selected to come here and represent Jesus Christ. When I am down or tired I think of the statement, "What would Christ do". I have one of the greatest opportunities that anyone could have not because I'm in Africa, but that I get to meet people and see them change.

Thanks for the update on what is going on at home. 

I'lll see you soon.
Elder Beckett

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