Monday, April 14, 2014

Sometimes it takes patience and a love for others, because everyone comes from a different background

This week has gone by quick, actually all the weeks go by quick. Its amazing how short my time is here. I only have two more transfers left until I will have been here for 1 year and then I will be on the down hill. I try to savor the great moments here, but everything seems to go too fast. 

Not much is happening here, but it is the end of dry season, there wont be to many more nights where you come to lay in your bed and you find that your bed is still wet with sweat from the night before... haha. We just got our rain boots ready for the rainy season.

Elder Latu is great, training is a great learning experience, for me sometimes it takes patience and a love for others, because everyone comes from a different background, as Elder Latu and I get to know each other more we are greater and greater friends. The area that we are in is getting a strong foundation, we are focusing on the "elect" and on families. So its great to learn more and more about helping others come unto Christ. 

Wow you guys are enjoying the river! That's good! Enjoy the AC and the cool river and the dirt bikes and nice food. Can you go in the water yet? We need to plan a river trip when I
get home. On the way to the internet cafe I was day dreaming about bare foot water skiing. So don't think I have forgotten the river!

Every week my testimony of Christ is strengthened. It usually comes through reading and applying what is in the Book of Mormon. So during the Easter season my testimony of Christ is full and raising.

The technology here is distracting to those who have it, but most people are able to communicate well through calling and talking face to face. Most people don't have computers or ipods, but the few that do have to go to a charging station that runs off a generator to charge up or occasionally you will see with a solar chargers.  So as far as the gospel, most people don't go on the internet, so they don't hear all he crazy things said about our church and the gospel that aren't true, so its nice for the missionaries.

In the middle of unorganized, dirty, unsanitary, insensible, loud and impoverished living I can find my peace with just two books, The Book of Mormon and the Bible. I love reading them both!

I love you, I will see you soon!

Elder Beckett

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