Monday, January 26, 2015

Yeah its pretty unusual here in Ghana to see a muslim convert!

My week was pretty cool, it went by really fast, and that is how my mission is going now, really fast. Yeah its pretty unusual here in Ghana to see a muslim convert, but not in Sierra Leone. Muslims convert there pretty frequent. Even Sister S and Elder N that you sent gifts to were both muslims before joining our church. A lot of muslims don't like Christianity because they feel that we are all divided and there is no unity. Which is very true, we all have different beliefs and practices, hence the need for restoration. So I have seen plenty of muslims join our church because of the way we worship and the great message of the restoration. In Ghana its pretty serious to teach a muslim, we have to get permission before teaching more than two lessons because of what their family may do to them, but those who live on their own and away from home, it usually is no problem.

My birthday was a pretty regular day, I haven't made the cake, we don't have an oven in our house so I need to go the the church before I can make it. Its weird to tell people that I am twenty now, but thats pretty normal for just having a birthday.  

Wow lots of exciting things happening in the world, good to hear all the news from home. Have you heard anything about ebola lately?

elder beckett

                                Left to Right Elder Vosa, Henrie and me. We were all in Salone.

Rinse cycle ....this is what the water looks like after I have finished brooking

Washing my mosquito net

Elder Van Wagoner my faithful first companion in Ghana.

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