Monday, January 12, 2015

I missed out on that one!

Wow look at the snow! It really looks like you could go sledding. I missed out on that one! Did Zac go sledding? Is it really cold there? Dad says there is lots of rain.
Cody commenting about the snow on Saddleback Mountain near our home which only comes every few years!

 We are in a season here called hamatan, it gets really dry and windy and cold at night. So I guess thats my winter here.  Super-cross should be starting soon right? I got the package from the Richins and Christmas cards from the Nielsons, Robertsons and Andersons... lots of sons!

I also got an email from Sister Ostler about their mission call to the Hill Cumorah visitors center (Ostler's were Cody's mission president and wife in Sierra Leone).

I am in the Christiansborg zone, so that is the zone right around the temple, so I often get to come to the area office/temple/ stake center. All three of these big buildings are in one compound, and they are adding a new MTC which will make it even bigger. Every Monday we come there and play sports, usually football in the gym. Its really fun even though I dont know how to play football very well. The cool part is that the stake center's gym is upstairs so you can see the temple from there and its really sweet. You would enjoy to see it.

Well the week went so fast! We got work done this week too. On Monday we didnt get to work because Elder Sibeko hurt his leg playing football, Thursday we only worked for a few hours because we had a conference with Elder Curtis and Saturday we had a wedding to go to for one of the members in the ward that lasted till 4 ish but we were still able to teach 26 people. We really used our time wisely.

I had a white shirt made for myself. It fits very nice and its tailored to fit me.

elder beckett

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