Monday, January 19, 2015

The miracle is in her husband!

           Thank you dad I will use my time wisely. Dont surf too much with out me!

Yes I got the birthday package you sent.Thank you so much for everything. I really enjoy all the notes from you guys... thats the best part. Thank you Zac for the socks and the pics! Chai!... the wedge was massive! Jeff thanks for the rubberband guns, me and my companion enjoy them. Jana thanks for the shampoo and the gel. It was well needed, I don't remember the time I used real shampoo to wash my hair! 20 came quick, I remember my last birthday in Wellington. Time goes quick and I wish it would slow down small. 

 Yes, Elder Curtis is the area president and Elder Dube is his councilor. I have met both.

This week we saw some sweet stuff. This week an investigator was baptized. The first since we white washed (both companions new to the area). She is super sweet and super converted. The miracle is in her husband. Her husband is Muslim. When we first started teaching her, he did not want to talk to us at all. He came and witnessed his wives baptism and confirmation. With this and him seeing his wife make changes in her life, he has become interested and said he wants to join. You should have seen how happy they were at church together and the ward members did wonderful of fellowshipping them, they looked like celebrities at church. Everyone wanted to talk to them.

I cant believe the time is going so fast. It seems like yesterday I was emailing you.
Well Elder Sibeko and I are doing good. I feel like I will be transfered soon because we are losing missionaries in Teshie and I think I will be one leaving.

All is okay.

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