Friday, August 30, 2013

The MTC is so awesome!

I have only been to the airport and the MTC so I haven't seen much of Africa! But the people here are awesome! I have an awesome companion, his name is Elder Buah (Boo-ah). He is from Ghana but has been living in Nigeria for the past 3 years because his dad was a mission president there. The MTC is so awesome, the spirit is so strong here! I can see chickens running around outside here. 
Well, here is a run down of our schedule. 6:30am we wake up (but the Africans like to rise with the sun, so its more like 5am) some days we have physical activity. The Africans are really good at soccer! But only so many can play because the field at the MTC is small. So my district played some volley ball, which they are not too good at, or frisbee, but we played frisbee for a while, and some ping pong. We get ready around 7:30am and eat at 8. Breakfast is usually 2 hard boiled eggs, two peices of toast and some oatmeal, maybe hot chocolate. This is good for a few days, then it starts to taste bland. We have lots of classes until 12 noon, then eat lunch which is usually a plate of rice, a side of fish or some kind of sauce with meat in it and a little salad. The food is really good and filling and seems to go through you at a decent rate. We need to drink about four bottles of water a day, but Elder Buah insists we drink more, so I always have to pee! Luckily we get 5 min breaks every 45 min so you can use the wash room (bathroom). Then more classes, maybe a meeting with all 50 missionaries in the chapel, then dinner ....Which has (you probs guessed it) more rice! and CHICKEN! The chicken tastes so nice! Luckily I brought a ton of candy and snacks! If you tell one African that you have candy they all come looking for it! So I hide the good stuff and give them the rest! Most of the Africans haven't had the candies I brought, but they insist that they are there favorite candies! Elder Buah over did the Skittles (seems to be the popular choice with the Africans) and had a stomach ache yesterday! All of the Americans love the snacks that I brought and can really appreciate them!  We have more classes, then a snack at 9:15pm which is usually a fruit! The fruit here is sooooo good! 

It's really funny, I am not short here! You would think going to Africa you would be surrounded by a bunch of big tall black men ... But guess not! There are only 8 black guys who are taller than me but the 18 or so white guys are taller than me. The Nigerians make up a good portion of the MTC and they are quite short. The Ghanians are the taller ones and the Nigerians are hit and miss! I used to think that all of the Africans looked and talked the same. I couldn't understand anyone when I got here but now I can tell where most people are from, by looking at them and talking to them. I have made lots of friends here! The Africans are so nice and so funny, and are always making jokes... but they know when to be serious! They have the strongest testimonies and have really helped me to fit in! The Ghanians have a secret hand shake ... its awesome ... I am good at it finally! Anyway I love the MTC and I know this church is true, the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith  and can bless your life if you have faith! I have to go, I don't have a p-day in the MTC, but a P-time, and I only get one, so the next time I email you I will be in the field! Sorry friends if I didn't email you back, I dont have very much time here! I love you all!

                                               Ghana MTC (Mission Training Center) 

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