Monday, October 14, 2013

I can't balance things on my head yet, but I'm working on it!!

Whats up family! I love hearing about the family and what everyone is doing! Mom it sounds like seminary is going good! Yeah... Freshman are easy, they are so enthusiastic about seminary! 

Dang that is so sweet that Jared is going to Argentina! So cool that Ty and Jared most likely get to see each other in the MTC! Those pictures were sweet to get of the family and of all of my friends! I am trying to find a member with a computer so I can send you pictures! I bet the house is so quiet! None of my friends are there and Zac is basically the only one at home!

So this transfer is over. Elder Hales is going back to Kenema. I am going to miss him! We got along well and he taught me so much! My new companion is Elder Manzini from South Africa. He has been in my apartment for the past transfer and he is really cool! South Africans are very different from all other Africans! They are more like Americans. I can relate more to the South Africans than I can with all the others. Elder Manzini will be the district leader so I will get the chance to go on exchanges with the whole district again. District leaders go on exchanges with the entire district, and so does his companion.

In Bo there are about 50 different churches! Bo is about the size of Lake Forest. Everyone here either goes to church or is Muslim. All of the people that go to church, they sing and clap, but they don't even know who God is. They just go because it is a part of the culture. All of these people have no idea what they are even worshiping. I have been thinking lately, and I just don't understand why people aren't running to our church each Sunday, to grab a seat in the church before the chapel fills up. I don't understand why people aren't lined up at the baptismal font, ready to dive in! It is the church of Jesus Christ! Not the church of a living stone, not the church of a flaming bible, not the church of a pastor, not the church of a Pope, not the church of anything, or anyone except for the one and only begotten son of God. It is the same church that was created by Jesus Christ himself, brought back in these latter days! God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! God has always revealed his gospel to the people, and he will continually reveal it forever! People have become so far from the gospel of Jesus Christ that they can't even recognize it. It all makes sense! Our purpose in life, why we need a redeemer, the blessings that come from it all! Why would you be apart of another church, or religion? How could you deny God? Everything in this life testifies of Him. I guess the people just don't have enough faith. They will just believe what there pastor tells them or they wont rely on the lords council. 

We focus a lot on families! We have much success, the hardest part is to have the people have faith enough to pray to know if it is true. We can claim whatever we want, but God can't lie. Ask and you shall receive. 

We have some routine maintenance we do here at our house like going outside to fill up buckets of water to bring inside. We put it in a barrel so we can filter it before we drink it. It takes about 5 or so buckets to fill the jug. Today we walked about 2 miles to fill our 5 gallon bottle with diesel fuel for our generator. I can't balance things on my head yet, but I'm working on it!! As I swept, mopped, did the dishes and studied today I realized how much you have helped me prepare for the real world when I would have to take care of myself. Thanks for supporting me on this mission. I am loving all of it!

Anyways, the computers here stink! I have been in this internet cafe for 4 hours waiting for this computer to load, and now I have to go!

I love you, see you soon!

Bo/Kenema Zone Conference
Elder Beckett is on the top row right, sixth guy in!

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